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LED outdoor 16mm RGB full color School outdoor LED programmable sign

Oaks Christian Acadamy (above)  located 101 -Ventura  in Thousand Oaks, CA  16mm  48 x 256  double sided

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Mandex provides exceptional quality USA made visually superior business LED communications solutions.  
We have partnered with specialized local engineers & licensed qualified electric sign contracters allowing you a safe & experienced complete turn key package for your outdoor marquee requirements  including city permits and 5 year  warranty. 

With traffic counts of 20-80K cars per day, electronic message centers are an advertising dream come true as the lowest cost advertising medium that speaks to your most important customers, loyal locals!  With  dozens of formats and graphics, attention getting messages are at your fingertips.   Easy to change messages frequently but without the cost of the huge elecricity bills and  labor intensive replacement of broken bulbs.  LED's are designed to last over a decade!

The Small Business Association stated the best & most economical way to get more customers, in this new fast moving traffic society is "on premise signage"


Approx. 9ft.  X 5 ft. 22mm 64 x 112 RGB


StreetSmart EXCITE RGB 16mm 23mm and 35mm

When deciding to use LEDsignage in or on your your business premises, choose a manufacturer or LEDsign dealer that is specificaly knowledgeable and trained in the LEDsign business, and then ask them for a trained installer. Allowing a electric sign company that is not trained as a LEDsign factory dealer to choose your LED display is not always the best way to go.  Instead go with an authorized LED sign factory dealer. We advise asking to see the operating software to make sure you are going to be able to program it effectively and easily.  Alphanet software is just that, try it and see for yourself.

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Excite series is designed to provide the ultimate outdoor advertising experience.
Excite displays offer high-resolution and the latest technology that will meet your needs now and into the future. Excite designs are all digital. 24 hours a day they will  identify your business in your local community (your most important audience) in a dazzling and unforgettable way.   An advertising medium that continuously displays daily specials and unique promotions to draw new customers in.   Recognize individuals, holidays and special occasions and post local community based information.
Remeber on premise advertising reaches you most important prospects, those locals that drive by your business everyday! 


Excite's advanced architechture provides lightnight fast DVI connectivity, pure image transmissions without analog loss, and huge file display processing.
All digital design with industry standard DVI architecture.
Standard features include RS232/485 PC connections, user-definable display hold times (to meet local ordinance requirements), photocell nighttime dimming, time and temperature functions, calendar message scheduling, display modes, graphics, animation's and more. Factory options include a unique, on-site wireless interface, as well as wired modem configurations for connection to PC which also means no external contaminates, minimal maintenance.
Peace-of-Mind 5-year factory parts warranty!
Full UL weatherproof cabinets
Alphamation graphic library–hundreds of animation's
Embedded PC with Ethernet connectivity
Wired, wireless Ethernet, DSL or cable modem control
Real-time 60fps video display processing
Digital PureColor processing-16.7 million colors
Message marquee 20fps display processing
Easy access doors -one person servicing with 3 simple tools       
New Protecto™ case, no external
The profile of this hi-tech enclosure is thin (only 5.5" deep).
Featuring full front-accessibility,
Easy-to-install and service.



There is nothing worse than buying a sign and installing it to find that it keeps on going wrong & you keep paying to fix it.  If it's up high, the cost for cranes  are  very expensive. You were told by the saleman thatLEDs last10 years. The salesman explains they rarely break and that you are just unlucky! That's not what he told you when you purchased it. Or you buy it & have it installed but you can't see anything when you stand to the side and  that's where the traffic is, so you wasted your money!  Poor angle of vision means they sold you the cheap LEDs or did he  not inform you of its angle. What if the software is so hard to use that you just manage to get some words out & you put off programming it because the software is so bad. Or it uses a simple keypad that takes so long to punch & peck that you nearly get mugged outside the store for 3 hours.
What happened to the amazing graphics you were shown & the ease in programming you were promised.....................


Red or Amber 17mm or 35mm with 256 shades
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17mm 256 shades double sided No external fans, wireless communication
High school double sided


UL approved outdoor cabinets Designed for low maintenance
Medical building with outdoor LED sign


Sold over 7 years ago and  todate, no dull LEDs!  No maintenece needed!  Just keeps on  bringing in business -  Call Peak Health yourself !

See what PeakHealth has to say

Look at what 256 shades can do!
Photographs of an Eclipse StreetSmart 17 x (17.5mm pitch) 80 x 256


Over 8 years of use, no maintence and no LEDS out or dimming -  Benado Middle School Yorba LInda, CA. 17mm 128"  x  11"
School outdoor sign, wall mount Outdoor school sign 16 pixels x 128 pixels  17mm two lines of text


 Streetsmart Mono/red,17mm 256 shades installed inside a window allowing full clear view from the major intersection
on Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles.  11 inch high characters can be clearly read over 500ft away!


Outdoor LED sign in convenience store window



 Eclipse StreetSmart 17.5mm Pitch taken in full sunlight

2lines led signage/indoor /outdoor
outdoor graphics
M-ec5  doe time and date

portable amazing


Lightweight Portable Fully Tested Aluminum Weatherproof Outdoor Rated CE/ UL Approved Cabinet
44" x 11' tall   Red or Amber LEDS   Tripods stands available,.
This Portable  message display is also a counter!
Can be free standing which makes it ideal for Golf Courses to display names instead of obtrusive loudspeakers

Alphanet Software
Alaphanet  for Windows® software try it out demo available
For details on software go to  SOFTWARE / NETWORKING

Eclipse Streetsmart Series
With the features and functionality that you've been asking for
256 shades in every model for red or amber, 100's of sizes to meet any advertising need
17mm pitch from 1' x 4' to 5.5' x 15'
35mm pitch from one to 16 lines, 1.5' x 5' to 15' x 30' size, (also offers 16.7 million colors)
New Protector™ case, no vents required, no external contaminates, minimal maintenance
No LEXAN cover; PureColor™ luxon for protection is now an option
exposed LED pixels for the ultimate in readability, color contrast and brightness
Standardized, modular case design, lightweight, simple installation, easy-to-service
Front serviceable SmartPanel™ LED displays with a single controller/platform for all models
Easy access doors - one person servicing with 3 simple tools
StreetSmart is competitively priced and available for immediate ordering

The Eclipse Streetsmart is setting new industry standards in delivery to its customers, with short lead-times of three to four weeks.
The profile of this hi-tech enclosure is thin (only 5.5" deep). Featuring full front-accessibility,
it is easy-to-install and service. Standard features include RS232/485 PC connections, user-definable display hold times (to meet local ordinance requirements), photocell nighttime dimming, time and temperature functions, calendar message scheduling, display modes, graphics, animation's and more. Factory options include a unique, on-site wireless interface, as well as wired modem configurations for connection to PC.

Five Year limited Factory warranty on all Outdoor/window Eclipse Outdoor Models
Our newest line of outdoor LED signs - the Eclipse.  Competitively priced products including Time and Temperature sign.

This product includes Net Plus for Windows® software.


Banks, auto dealers, schools, manufacturers, public stadiums, auditoriums and many other commercial businesses are able to change advertising messages at a moments notice. MMD's displays have become today's cost-effective, beneficial partner in successful advertising and communication programs.
Available in red or amber display, the Eclipse has standard configurations of one or two-line, networkable models, both offering a 5-year, limited factory depot warranty.




When you need distance & clarity and
Want to be seen for miles and miles-
You need the ROADSTAR series!


Visible 100 to 5,000-ft.
Built-in animation's
Over 100 sizes
81 Different messages
Software & Training
Message scheduling


This new generation of all-weather LED Time & Temperature outdoor displays
is an excellent asset for enhancing your public image.

The Eclipse 1500 Time/Temp LED displays

An affordable state-of-the-art way to provide valuable community service, while drawing attention to your company name.  Quality LEDs provide you with a virtually maintenance-free product. Superbrite LEDs last for over 100,000 hours of continuous operation significantly outlasting comparable incandescent displays. They also consume less than 1/40 the power of incandescent displays giving you a significant savings in electricity costs.

Special Features:
Front-serviceable, 5-yr warranty
18-Inch characters - visible up to 900 feet
Degrees in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Low power consumption
Automatic night dimming
Long life LEDs – 100,000 hours
Lightweight, durable, extruded aluminum case

External temperature probe
DIP switch selectable font
Internal AC power switch for servicing
Internal thermostatically controlled fans for cooling/ heating
Automatic overheating protection
Buttons for setting time can be remotely mounted
Auto dimming for nightime


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