The Pioneer of quality LED Signage since 1979. Sales and rentals of LED Programmable Displays, LED clocks, and Counters. Serving Hollywood's TV and Movie industry, Museums, Schools, Special Events, and Tradeshows.
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LED ticker in Gym with sports news
LED ticker with sports news
Digital Countdown to Notre Dame Day
Digital LED counter on stand counts down in hours/minutes/seconds
vertical LED tower
Tickers rented for a stage set
LED digital counter display
3 angled LED tickers each 10ft
Meeting presentation using LED ticker on stage
Large LED clock for Theme Park countdown to New Year
Flexible Stock ticker
Flexible LED display
Circular LED ticker on exhibit booth
Outdoor LED sign at school entrance
LED square above conference room

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We specialize in rentals & sales of indoor and outdoor programmable displays and our NEW flexible rubber backed tickers.
LED pioneer for over 30 years!

We are known for  providing LED displays & digital clock counters for the special events and tradeshow industries. Trusted supplier of LED signage props to Hollywood’s TV and movie Industries for over three decades!  See our LED displays in movies such as Rat Race, Die Hard, Horrible Bosses, The Mentalist TV series and Batman "The Dark Knight Rises."

What we offer:

  • Flexible, rubber backed TICKERS (Circular, serpentine, concave, convex)
  • Broadcast quality Tickers for TV news backdrops
  • Led Sports Tickers for Casinos
  • LED displays for architectural settings
  • Large digital LED Counters/Clocks/Timers for competitions, games and any milestone
  • Curved or angled flexible Tickers for trade show booths
  • Countdown  for competitions, fun/runs & milestones.
  • Tickers for live events & stage productions
  • Outdoor Marquees for advertising
  • Information displays for staging, corporate events & meetings
  • Zipper Tickers for special events and parties
  • Outdoor LED signage for buildings
  • Transportation boards, arrival/departure
  • Amber Alert Displays
  • LED display props for film & TV
  • Electronic, daylight bright, scrolling signs for windows

MLD LED Tickers are flexible, expandable, Tweetable, Designable Bendable, Programmable, Connectable, Installable Affordable, Suitable ...

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