Circular, serpentine, spiral, concave & convex LED display designs

We specialize in lightweight, flexible tickers with stunning visual clarity. LED-it-Flex and LED-it-Bend series are mfg. with the latest technology full color 3 in 1 SMD (surface mount LEDs). Content from web RSS feeds and/or program your own content with software provided. The DVI /HDMI output allows you to reproduce on the ticker whatever you can view on your PC monitor.

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We specialize in design, fabrication, rentals & sales of programmable LED displays, LED tickers, digital counters and video walls. LED pioneer for 34 years and trusted source of LED props to Hollywood studios for over 2 decades!


You Can Count on Us

Count up or down in Days | Hours | Mins | Seconds with optional message for a counter and message center in one. We offer a large choice of counter functions or we will design a program just for you. Large selections of indoor & outdoor displays for rent or purchase with optional floor stand. Get some buzz going for your company event / achievements / milestones. Count on us to accurately simulate the passage of time. see more like this

Exhibitors & Exhibit Builders

Promote a “Call-To-Action” that can be read all the way down the aisle! Grab attention, standout and attract attendees to your booth. Great for new product launch, branding, show special promotions and countdown to live presentations. We will professionally program your messages / graphics to make sure your booth commands attention and gets seen by all who pass by. Or you can program your own simple messages with a little help from our phone service technicians. see more like this

Are You Planning A Special PARTY?

Tickertainment™ – We offer a personalized and unique LED messaging service that’s Interactive, entertaining, memorable and lights up any event. Add all your guests names in lights. Rent one of our LED zipper tickers and create immediate information at any meeting, party, symposium or live presentation. Put your guests name in lights they will love you for the recognition. see more like this

Trade Show Managers

We provide affordable rental packages with programming / scheduling of your messages for a turnkey solution. Attendees receive up to the minute “real time” trade show information on the go as they move throughout the show. Our displays are lightweight, portable and require minimal labor to install. Attendees receive up to the minute “real time” trade show information on the go as they move throughout the show. see more like this
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