LED scrolling display, quality U.S. manufacturer

Huge, super-bright 8” high characters, 1-2 lines of text that can be read from 600 feet away!

Designed for transit informational displays and for professional, conservative businesses that require a clear crisp message.  Ideal for Dentists, Attorneys, Insurance Agencies, Tax Services, Jewelers & Precious Metals Stores or any retail business that wants to attract and engage new local customers who pass by every day.

AMBERBRIGHT If it moves people notice

Purchase or RENT to keep your capital and get immediate ROI Low cost lease rental available, short or long term, call for details

Add A Call To Action To Your Window

It’s like buying multiple signs in one!

This window salesman will work 24/7, never talks back, never take a break and never ask for a raise!

AmberBright LED’s are the highest quality allowing for all around clarity in all lighting conditions. Crisp, clear character fonts with great resolution close up and far away. Most LED Window signs have a grey background which does not have good enough contrast in daylight as the sun picks up the grey and prevents the LED’s from being their brightest in the daytime. Our AmberBright window sign is U.S. quality mfg. with a solid black resin front that allows for clear, sharp text & graphics that are required for bus, transportation & video companies for exceptional clarity.
Features:Super bright AMBER LEDs can be seen in bright daylight and through tinted glass Seeing distance: 1 line mode readable up to 600 feet, 2 line mode up to 250 ft. Sky Motion Software (Windows compatible) Designed to fit between typical window glass partitions. Easy to hang in your window with the 2 eye bolts on top.
Specs:Cabinet: 37″ Wide x 11″ High x 3” Deep – Aluminum, flat black SuperBright amber LEDs – 12mm pixel pitch, resolution 16 x 72, pixels 1 line of 8″ high characters 2 lines 3.5″ high characters AC Power 110V, max power consumption: 150 watts 1 gig of memory Weight: 18 lbs.

Program with infrared keypad or via PC with Sky Motion software included.

We will design and program your message included in the price to make sure your message has full impact to stop the traffic!

Easy to use Sky Motion Software simulation