High Quality programmable LED Ticker Badge

Blue Badge image with linked  video

  LED Ticker Badges,  easy to program and charge using the software and the USB cable supplied

NEW wearable LED Ticker Badges

Grab attention –  get noticed up to 30 feet!
Customizable -message can be changed any time you want

Ice-breaker – opens up conversations
Promotes, Informs, Cross sells your products/services

Mandex Motion Displays, a pioneer and leading supplier of LED messaging displays since 1979 introduces its latest, innovative LED product.

Start getting noticed today with your own LED badge, and watch your number of prospects and sales increase like never before!

Mandex’s scrolling LED badge attracts new clients and gets your message noticed! Now more than ever before is it so critical to advertise and market your business and services/products as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible!

Scrolling multi-line LED badge

Name badges can open up a conversation about your business or promotion anywhere you go, and can help you gain new clients. With a scrolling LED badge, you can say even more with one little badge because your words are no longer limited to a 2-inch by 3-inch printing space on regular name tags

Why buy a Scrolling LED Badge from Mandex?

We have been providing LED message solutions for more than 30 years and know how important good quality is.  We only provide quality LED  products

Each badge is tested  and burnt in before shipping

Warranty!  Mandex offers 90-day ltd warranty

LED badge color choices - photo & video

Check-out this new scrolling message badge for your "ice breaker" messages wherever there is a crowd or audience. This branding tool and  will scroll or flash your message and logos. It is completely programmable so message can be changed "on the fly" using software provided. The bulit in rechargable batteries charge with the USB cord provided. Up to 6 different messages  can be loaded into the badge.  Windows 8 compatible. 

Each message has setting for scroll speed and brightness level. To change to a different message, simply use the buttons on the back of the badge. The Scrolling LED Badge is smaller than a credit card and weighs about 1 ounce.

Attaches to your shirt using a safety pin and a small detachable magnet.The LED message is very visible and easy to read and has 9 different speed settings. The battery life is about 6-12 hours, depending on brightness level selected.  Incredible, yes! reliable, yes! Comes with 90 day limited warranty.

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