LED TICKER RENTAL and message Party Services your guests will never forget!

The Ticker scrolls silently through the night,

all your guests names and their messages in color and lights,

In alphabetical order your ticker will flow,

with themed images, we put on a show.

If you love your guests as we know you do,

Tickertainment™ was meant for you.

Corporate events, employee recognition, retirement, anniversaries, Engagements, Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Achievements and Milestones. entertain and provide a perfect medium for guests & host interaction for any event. Let us bring your ideas to life and put your client’s & guest’s names messages in lights, color and motion.

Our 10th year for Toyota of North Hollywood’s Xmas Party (above) with our 20ft LED zipper on tripod stands. 250 employee names artistically designed and programmed. You can imagine how excited each employee was to see their personal message from their bosses and become the talk of the party! A totally unique and creative way to recognize employees and get the party going!

With our programming service, we artistically bring your messages to life creating an exciting visual medium to ensure your party will be interactive, emotional, entertaining and memorable! People love their name in lights, color & motion. Let us bring your ideas to life and watch the LED tickers become the talk of the party

Entertain, Inform & Create Immediate Information at Any Business


Ideal for Bars, Coffee shops, Gyms, Restaurants, Bowling alleys and Golf club.  Options offer up to the minute news, feeds, Sports, Stock quotes,  Jokes, RSS feeds, Twitter accounts. your own messages. Purchase or Rent  Mandex LED Tickers and add  Tickertainment™ services, for rental or purchase with Broadcast feed options. Using 1  line or mult-line Tickers you can have Tickertainment™ Finacial ticker news and sports ticker results or on one line as well as your  own in-house advertising on the other. Our Tickertainment™ services offer you various heights sizes and shapes and resolutions. LED Ticker shapes for your venue, circles, serpentine, U-shape, straight, vertical and 90 degree angles.


TOYOTA / Venue: Rental with programming service for Xmas Party

All of us at Toyota of North Hollywood would like to thank you for the great ledLED zipper service you rented & programmed for us at our company Christmas Party at the Calamigos Ranch. You could see the employees waiting & watching & laughing as they saw their names & the comments which were written by their managers, keep scrolling around in alphabetical order, it was the talk of the party! I would recommend your Zipper on the fly service to anyone having a party. – Chris Ashworth, General Manager, Toyota of North Hollywood