Digital Counters For Every Occasion

Mandex LED offers DIGITAL COUNTERS for every occasion or event, any size, anywhere, with fast, nationwide rentals/sales and programming services and a wide selection of indoor and outdoor counters. Our DIGITAL COUNTERS stand out from the competition due to the quality and sharpness of the 0.03 mm LED dot matrix resolution and dual function, meaning a counter and message center in one! You have a selection of fonts and colors and the dual function enables you to target your message while the counter is running, before it is running, or at the end of a count! Standard counts in Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds or Widgets, or any calculation/count you desire. We can even design a custom count just for you!

Our counters are customizable to allow you to use a variety of count options and configurations, Mandex Counters used for many years in the film, TV, manufacturing, trade show and retail industry qand also for the special events such as weddings, races, promotions, Universal Studios New Year’s eve countdown and many more events.

Counts in days/hours/minutes/seconds/widgets, or we can custom design a count just for you! You can count on us for the best DIGITAL COUNTER for your special event.

Dual Function Counter & message center in one display

Multi-color counter display is 28” x 10” . Offers multiple variations in text fonts and sizes. Display two lines of 3″ characters / or one line of 7 “ or 4 lines of small 1.5” characters. Available in a choice of 4 widths from 28” to 64” wide and choice of character heights – up to 9” tall. Optional tripod floor stand adjusts to 9ft high and fits most models


Mandex has many different sizes of accurate LED Counter Clocks with standard or customized counts. What makes our counters different from other clock/timers is that they also function as a message center! Before, during or after the count you can have a message describe what you are counting, and your target or milestone. We offer a large selection of sizes to meet all budgets, and optional laptop/controller with easy to use counter software


Bryant Park Corporation / Venue: 34th Street Partnership I just wanted to thank you for your time and excellent service. I was really unaware of what we were looking for at all and you were able to walk me through the various options, finding us the most appropriate and least expensive solution. The sign itself worked great! It was incredibly easy to operate. I would recommend your service and products to anyone looking for LED signs. – Rebecca Disbrow