Affordable, U.S. manufactured, Quality LED Window Sign "AMBERBRIGHT"

Purchase or RENT to keep your capital and get immediate ROI
Add A Call To Action To Your Window
It's Like buying Multiple Signs In One!
Don't limit your on premise advertising to "open and closed"
Window LED sign

Tax office with window advertising sign


Powerful: A whopping 8" high characters in one line mode Versatile :Two lines of 4" characters
Brighter than neon window sign

This window salesman will work 24/7, never talk back, never take a break and never ask for a raise! 

If it moves people notice!   Your window is the eyes of your business and its time to open them 

Our AMBERBright Wndow Sign was designed for more conservative, professional  business such as, 
Dentists, Attorneys, Insurance Offices, Jewelers & Gold stores.
We help you design and pre program your messages included in the price to start you off.
LED window sign on upper level store window Window scrolling LED sign


Window sign with two lines of  text

For professional businesses that require a clear crisp message
Call now to ask about our afordable lease rental program.

    12mm pixel pitch                                                                                  
    16 x 72,  37"W  x 11" H,
    1 line of 8" Character height or
    2 lines 3.5" character height,
    Seeing distance 1 line approx  600ft,
    1 gig of memory space pages and pages of information
    1-2 lines Visibility to 250 ft.  All  LED's are tested for uniform color.
    Designed small enough to fit between typical window glass partitions.
    Warranty 3 year Ltd return to depot


Character fonts are clean and clear with great resolution close up and far away
Most LED Window signs have a grey background which does not have the contrast in day light as the sun picks up the background color grey or stopping the LED from being at its brightest in the daytime.  Our AmberBright window sign is mfg. with an expensive solid black resin front that allows for a clearer picture and generally required by bus, transportation & video companies for exceptional  clarity. LED's are the highest quality allowing for all around clarity in all lighting conditions.
Close up of LED's to show quality
Please notice the LED front panel is black and can be seen clearly through tinted limo glass even in direct California sunshine
with a great angle of vision, which means you don't have to be stood directly in front of it to get the full brightness.
Use your PC to program so you don't need to have the display in front of you or get it down from the window to see what you are programming!
Programming software designed and written in the USA with accurate PC simulation.
Our experience in locating displays and programming is unmatched.
We know how important your business is and how to get the best response.
The sign response is only as effective as the programmer   ... so leave it to us!  All you have to do is plug it in !
To order your pre programmed display, call  805-497-8006


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LED scrolling window signs advertise much more than Open or Closed Neon