LED PROP Rentals

Mandex has been a prop house to Hollywood for LED displays, tickers & counters for over 20 years
and proud to be well known for
broadcast quality rental equipment, expertise and full service.

Stick ticker simulation with logos
66" wide red and 44" wide amber
Multi line outdoor transit info board on film set location
Digital outddoor scoreboard timer 11 inch character outdoor counter


Outdoor LED counter with 11 inch high characters


20 ft. long ticker with 6" characters Two 112" long with 6" characters
Ticker sets the stage
GAMESHOWS COUNTER 44" wide  x 11" high
Digital clock/timer on TV show set
11 inch character outdoor counter Digital timer for TV set
Multi Line Information Board in waiting room SET
Outdoor counter 11" high characters
Waiting room LED multi line message board

Stock ticker rentals  

Stock Ticker prop
Stock ticker simulation for movie shoot
LED Stock ticker

LED stock ticker for financials


BIG LED Mobile Screens in Full Color

Tripods stands adjust to 9ft high, taken in full California sunlight!




8 Line Arrivals Board
Multi-Line Line Scheduler board  has 3" high characters is also available in Tri-Color red/green/amber
Built into a cabinet this display has been filmed for arrivals boards at airports and train stations
LED  prograqmmable  airport schedule board rented for a conmercial set

Infoschedulkar LED multi line boarrd


---------------ROADSIDE PROPS---------------

Trailer LED sign modules ca go 3 high x 11ft long

Filmed in " los Angeles  Over the Bridge on 1st Street
Outdoor Modules Tri Color in any configuration

4 modules high x 4 modules  wide

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LED PROP Rentals, Large selection of LED Tickers & Counters