Mandex fabricates the ultimate in LED motion display perfection. We offer the strongest tripods in the industry.

Two sizes available: Mini goes to 6'5" and the Maxi goes to 9ft.

Holds most indoor LED signs.


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Each Tripod Rear Hardware Built Tough!Has The Ability To Take 2 Back To Back LED Displays Up to 85lb Slight Tilt Downwards To Stop Light Reflection

Built-In Socket Adapter

Adapter accommodates both
1-3/8"(35mm) and 1-1/2"(38mm) speaker sockets.
Strong Telescoping Collar.
Glass-reinforced polycarbonate telescoping collar has a die-cast metal clamp for maximum security and durability.
Comfortable Knob.
Designed to tighten easily.
Telescoping Tube Stop.
The stop increases safety and prevents accidentally pulling out the center tube.
Large Diameter Main Tube.
The result of a larger diameter main tube is the most stable, heavy-duty, yet portable tripod stand. Ultimate tripods are rated to hold 150 lbs.(68.2kg)
Quality Aluminum Tubing.

Secure Leg Collar

The die-cast metal clamp provides maximum strength and durability. The closure lever is preset to the proper tension for easy set-up
The rubber footcaps won't fall off!

UP AT 9ft High see how it looks like it sits on the top of the 8ft High Booth

64"x7" character
Model 7200

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