Flexible LED TICKERS, Extendable,  Bendable, Tweetable, Customizable, Networkable, Affordable 

Mandex specializes in high quality  flexible tickers that are extendible in length indefinitely and accommodates curved forms such as serpentine, concave and convex.   Character heights from 4.8 to 16" high (Seeing distance is 5 - 40 ft per inch). Our  tickers are made with the latest technolody  SMD (surface mount LEDs).

Our tickers are  the finest quality and value, if you find a lower price for comparable equipment, we will compete.
Just show us the quote and see if we can beat that price!

LED ticker with sports and news

Display finer graphics and icons makes it a favorite in the financial industry, but it is also a natural preference for architects and designers.  A great product for lobbies, atriums, exhibits, financial instutions and museums.

Whether you need stock symbols, company graphics and logos, or just  your own company information, this model will articulate your message with picturesque clarity.    The  tight matrix provides a sharper display than typical, not to mention their ability to seamlessly present a constant flow of up-to-the-minute information.

Our Tickers can be programmed  using our supplied messaging software but also designed for use with 3rd party content prioviders to stream data such as news/stocks/sports from subscription feeds such as local or Ethernet ASCII, BITMAP feeds, RSS Feeds and Twitter.

Installations are as customizable as our tickers. LED modules and internal components can be kitted for direct installation, without chassis, into a prepared cavity or can be conformed to any architectural structure to create a seamless LED display. Talk to us about how we can accommodate your project.

2 line serpentine in lobby of financial building 2 line curved ticker in retail store

7.75" character, 24 pixels circular convex 6" flexible ticker, serpentine
Flexible LED ticker formed into a full circle "S" shaped flexible ticker
7.75" characters, 24 pixels high convex 6" characters, circular-convex
Flexible LED display on circular booth
Serpentine sports ticker Serpentine ceiling mount
serpentine sports ticker serpentine with graphic logos
6" flexible ticker, curved -convex 4.75" characters, curved - convex
Retail outet with circular LED ticker wall mount Flexible LED ticker on exhibit booth
4.75" characters, linear installation
3 inch character linear built into service counter in theater
Circular stage installation
LED Video Tiles around news desk


our workshop during testing of LED tiles

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