About Mandex LED Displays,
Thousand Oaks, Ca. 

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We are a highly recognized company and leader for the finest indoor & outdoor quality programmable LED message Display products available today.
We offer quality ledsigns and services for virtually any business that has a need for communicating information whether its for indoor or outdoor use.

A little history...

Mandex Ltd was a UK owned company owned by the Derber family.  In 1979 Alan Derber immigrated to California and founded Mandex Motion Displays in North Hollywood CA.


Introduced one of the first 3" & 6" character extendable led message signs to the USA called " Newscanner"


Designed & built one of the first window superbright 3" character led message signs called "Superscan"
LEDSigns have not always been a million dollar industry !
Alan Derber explains  "in  the early days,  when we first  introduced these LED signs,  it was difficult,  it took years of demonstating, educating  and showing the display before they became  a sought after  product.  Our small 3" character  40" long indoor displays sold at approx $2,500 and was only available in red." 

---Early 90's ---

After joining the International Association of Exhibit Mangers (IAEM) & exhibiting at hundreds of shows nationwide to introduce our products and services to thousand of attendees,
we seamlessly evolved into a LED RENTAL HOUSE for major trade shows & special events.  We placed displays in the lobbies and throughout convention centers to direct and inform attendees of up to the minute show information.
We became the first official  LED  vendors for both the show management and the exhibitors of some of the largest shows in the country such as The Intl. Consumer Electronics Show and COMDEX. Working with show operations to locate & program our LED  message displays with all their daily show information & directions. Our displays were hung up and placed on stands throughout walkways & lobbies in convention centers & hotels.  We also were given a booth in the sevice areas to provide rentals to the exhibiting companies for LED booth headers. With theses new displays on veiw to the hundreds of thousand attendess, our rental  business thrived, while educating the use of these LED displays our sales grew. Mandex supplied CES with over 24 large 5-20ft LED signs for each show spanning over 10 years. During that time we did market research on how our LEDsigns could be best located & programmed.  We spent weeks on the show floor finding out optimal distance, what visual effects worked best and how to get attendees attention & hold it by talking to people and filling out surveys.

---2005 --- Relocated to Thousand Oaks, California

MLD Partnered up with fully qualified licensed, bonded sign Installation companies to offer a complete turnkey package for outdoor LED  Marquee sign services.
With peace of mind extended Warranties we have  installed outdoor full color video led displays at "The House Of Blues" Anaheim, Ventura Community College Theater, The Santa Monica Modern Art Museum to name a few.
75% of our business advertising is word & mouth.
After 30 years in the industry, one big reason we are still in business is due to the fact that we take care of our customers and only sell cost effective quality products.
We have always realized that our sold and rented ledsignage is our best advertising.
Before we sell or rent an ledsign we will always make sure the display size, resolution & brightness is correct for your particular location.
We offer programming help so you will get the most out of your messages including online training.
We look at every sale as a partnership ....
If your sign is working well & looks great you get a faster ROI we get more referrals. We provide technical support & programming help throughout the life of the L
ED display.


MLD evolves into the trusted source of LED display props to Hollywood's TV & Movie Industy.
See our displays on the TV , movies , commercials & music video's latest & greatest !!


MLD was selected to provide precision Countdown Clocks for
We have been brought back again year after year for
Citywalk's fabulous New Year Event
in Hollywood.

Live Free & Die hard   2007
Pursuit Of Happiness 2007 Columbia Pictures
Up in the Air   2009 Paramount Pictures
Beyonce Knowles "Pepsi Carmen"
"Santa Clause 3 the Escape Clause" Walt Disney Productions
"Rat Race" 2001 Paramount Pictures
"Two and a Half Men" Sitcom
"Men in Black II" 2002 Columbia Pictures
"How Stella Got Her Groove Back" 1998 20th Century Fox
"The Bachelor" 1999 New Line Cinema
Hollywood Squares
"Person of Interest" 2011
Batman "The Dark Night Rises" 2012
"The Mentalist"
(Episode 167) Warner Bros.




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